Presenting the new method for mastering Flamenco and Classical Guitar, with all useful tips and tricks…:

Flamenco Guitar Lessons – Online School

Is introducing the method, that will enable you to play Flamenco Guitar in a short period of time. All the videos are in Full HD resolution, with option to choose the language, between English and Spanish audio. The tutorials are organized in 4 different categories:

  1. Harmony
  2. Techniques
  3. Styles
  4. Nails


As an additional tool, there is a software called the Loop Player, with it’s Flamenco Samples Database, which will help you get the clearest picture about the “Compas“, but you can also play along and practice with the highest quality “organic” samples of cajon, palmas, shaker, djembe, congas, bongos, maracas, etc… Every beat of every group of beats is marked, so you can easily see what is where, and develop a feeling for the rhythm…

Spanish Guitar School Method - Flamenco ImpressionismFlamenco is the only ethno culture that continued evolving throughout the 20th century, finally fusing with jazz and various other types of music. Harmonic background for new flamenco is in impressionist’s and romanticists’s music from the beginning of the 20th century, Manuel De Falla, Enrique Granados, Isaac Albeniz

Flamenco guitar is only a small (but important) part of the whole flamenco culture. The most prominent aspects of flamenco are: el vocal, el baile, las palmas, las castanuelas, and el taconeo (dancer’s technique of playing rhythmical phrases), and recently el Cajón – which is a non native, but assimilated Spanish instrument…

Spanish Guitar School - Nicolas Flamenco

Nicolas established the Spanish Guitar School’s methodology through real life and teaching experience. After graduating the classical guitar on Conservatori del Liceu de Barcelona in year 2000, in the class of professor Jaume Torrent, Nicolas continued his artistic and performing activities parallel to his educational work. The method crystallized for the last twenty years, from the experience and educational work all over Europe, with many different people from all around the world. This new approach to flamenco is bypassing all the traditional teachings, and goes straight to the core of the matter, putting things in such way, that they are comprehensive and easy to learn. The tutorials will guide you though the world of guitar, providing you with all the necessary information, so you can join in and enjoy in the world of flamenco…

Spanish Guitar School - Rasqueade Technique LessonThe tutorials involve videos about rasqueado techniques, that are classified and named for the first time in history. Every movement for every technique is first explained and written on transparent alpha layer score sheet, and then played in normal and slower tempo…

On the other side, the classical guitar with it’s heritage is fully considered, with studies of Fernando Sor and Francisco Tárrega, and with the whole perception of the guitar. The classical guitar follows flamenco in adopting techniques, in the sense that, after a certain technique establishes in flamenco, it usually takes a decade or two, so that it becomes the means of expression in the world of the classical guitar. Normally, a classical guitar composer writes a piece or a study, that involves a certain flamenco technique, and than that technique becomes a part of a classical guitar heritage too. This ambiguous approach to both Classical and Flamenco Guitar gives us the widest perspective on the whole development of the Spanish Guitar…