The continuous evolution of flamenco throughout the second half of the 20th century, was probably most felt with this album and this tangos, produced in 1981. With Carles Benavent on fretless bass, and Jorge Pardo on flute, (maestro’s brother Pepe, Ramon and Rubem also) Paco established a whole new standard in flamenco music production. The nomadic philosophy of the “Solo Quiero Caminar”, (I Just Wanna Walk), inevitably reminds on “Always On The Run” in Rock’N’Roll… (this is in fact a wrong album cover, the photo is actually from “El Duende Flamenco” album, from 1972)
La evolucion continua del flamenco durante la segunda mitad fel siglo 20, se ha sentido mas con este album y este tangos, producido en 1981. Con Carles Benavent con el bajo fretless, y Jorge Pardo con la flauta, (el hermano del maestro Pepe, Ramon y Rubem tambien) Paco establecio un nuevo estandard en la produccion musical del flamenco. La filosofia nomadica de “Solo Quiero Caminar”, inevitablemente recuerda a “Always On The Run” (Siempre En La Marcha) del “Rock’N’Roll”… (esto es el diseño erroneo, la foto es del “El Duende Flamenco” album, del 1972)