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NicolasBlackNicolas started his classical guitar studies in Belgrade and continued in 1995th on the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga. Studying in Andalusia in the class of professor Javier Chamizo, he attended many famous guitarist’s Master Classes. As a young artist and a performer, Nicolas started to collaborate with different artists of different genres. Not just from Spain, but from all over the world. During that period he also started to compose and produce his own music. He finished Classical Guitar studies at the Conservatori del Liceu de Barcelona, in the year 2000th in the class of a conservatory principle, composer, performer, and a maestro Jaume Torrent. After graduation, Nicolas continues performing, composing and producing flamenco, but also teaching both flamenco and classical guitar…



Collaboration with flamenco artists in Andalusia while studying classical music. Traveling all over the Mediterranean coastline and living in a very multinational environment. Teaching flamenco guitar simultaneously to the people from all over the world. All these factors enabled Nicolas to frame all the gathered knowledge into the most global perspective. And they gave Nicolas the absolutely unique approach to the Spanish guitar techniques… While touring and composing flamenco, and with educational backgrounds in classical music, Nicolas gradually became a virtuoso performer he is today. And sometimes even living a nomadic life like the Gypsies – all resulted in the methodology of Flamenco Guitar Lessons. – Result of more than 3 decades of exploration of the Spanish guitar national heritage…


Probably the most important point of his career was the performance with his flamenco group Nicolas Y La Banda Flamenca.  It was an opening act for Paco de Lucia Band on Guitar Art Festival in 2010th.

Nicolas y PacoNicolas y PacoNicolas Paco
Contact with the father of flamenco actually started at the concert after parties in 2006th, and 2007th. But the mutual concerts in 2010th and 2012th were the absolute turning points in Nicolas’s artistic career. They helped him become the artist he is today, and they literally shaped his entire musical perspective. Today he composes, performs and teaches flamenco all across the Mediterranean…


3 thoughts on “About Nicolas

  1. Thank you Nicolas.
    Today I want to update on how I have been using your Bulerias Lessons materials.

    My testimony is for any student who, like me, once heard the buleria form, and then felt compelled to learn this beautiful, memerizing, irrisistible thing.

    As of February 7, 2020, I am now able to play the first version – from 1:57 on “Bulerias – Basic Pattern ‘por medio'” – on the 2nd video in the buleria lessons playlist, using the recorded loops for timing.

    I started with the “Bulerias Cajon Palmas 66bpm” loop.
    I find this particular percussion loop very useful and a nice tempo for a beginner to start, essential for my practice, and for making progress.

    Again, thank you for shining this light on my buleria pathway.
    I hope to update again soon.

    John in NYC

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