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Flamenco Guitar Lessons reveals secrets, tips and tricks for mastering flamenco guitar, through a set of very comprehensive video tutorials on: Harmony, Techniques, Styles (Palos) and Nails. The technically rich Iberian legacy brought every single classical guitar technique into the world of flamenco. That’s why the flamenco guitarists today are on the technical front lines, widening flamenco language and achieving the impossible. On the other hand, the strict classical guitar world, waiting for some piece to be written to embed the technique into the classical guitar heritage, is still late to adopt many fantastic flamenco techniques. Therefore Flamenco Guitar Lessons explores the most important from both worlds.

A special software called Flamenco Loop Player, will enable you to effectively learn flamenco rhythm (compás) by playing along the highest quality flamenco percussion samples of: cajón (hand drum), palmas (claps), shaker, djembe, congas, bongos, maracas...and all the most used percussion instruments in flamenco. Every beat is marked with a yellow vertical line, and every group of beats to consider while counting is highlighted with green, so you can easily understand the accents seeing exactly what is where, and develop an inner feeling for the rhythm...:

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You can buy Flamenco Loop Player™ Subcsription and have access to over 40 Flamenco Loops in 4 separate categories (Bulerias, Rumba, Tangos and Alegrias)
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A set of very comprehensive video tutorials on: Harmony, Techniques, Styles (Palos) and Nails...



Theory - Intervals - Chords


Picado - Arpegio - Termolo - Rasqueado - Alzapua


Bulerias - Tangos - Alegrias - Rumba - Entre Dos Aguas


Forming and Maintaining - Fixing and Hardening of Broken nails

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What Do Our Students Say

This man treats u like a brother, he is like on the other side of the earth & makes u feel like the close neighbor next door. He operates with his emotional center from his heart & sharing the love of music. Any help u need he bends over backwards to give whatever help u need at your skill level. I have tried other online tutorials to learn guitar & nothing comes close to the Nicolas material, skill & way of teaching. The others feel like business first, Nicolas feels like results first. Thank for all your genuine help my friend, my brother…

Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online School
Antoine Jarjoura Sydney, Australia

I am perhaps too subjective because i am having private online video conference lessons with Nicolas, but I believe I am objective enough when i say that these are absolutely the best and the most clear Harmony tutorials I could imagine. I learned the same 2 years of Harmony i was thought in Music High School – in like 2 weeks with Nicolas. We often laugh on the subject, because “i have the best teacher on the planet”. This all accelerated my classical guitar studies beyond every expectation, thank you Nicolas…!!!

Zack Lim Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Spanishguitarschool.com is hands down, the BEST resource for learning Flamenco guitar. Nicolas is one of best Flamenco players in the World, just read his bio! He will ALWAYS answer your chat or email to help you access the best resources for any questions you have. The loop player is soooooooo helpful in mastering the Compass, there are SO many variations for almost any situation you may encounter when preforming. If you can’t play in the Compass, you can’t play Flamenco, and the loop player is the most amazing tool that will take your knowledge and mastery of world rhythms from 0 to 1000. If you’r like me and grew up in a culture without Spanish music, you know how it feels to have no clue how to begin learning Flamenco. Spanishguitarschool.com is a perfect place to start. There is everything from beginner to advanced tutorials in all styles, techniques, theory, and even musical history of the flamenco guitar. Along with the core lessons, which are amazingly helpful, there is an entire blog that will help educate you on EVERY aspect of Flamenco, including stories of Nicolas’s personnel encounters with legends of flamenco, including Paco de Lucia! But, the most helpful resources is the guide to fingernail growth, if you don’t enroll in the core classes, at least, ATLEAST! Buy the course on nail growth, health, and repair – your nails are your most essential tools. Ultimately if your willing to strive for excellence, spanishguitarschool.com is the greatest and only fully devoted website to truly immerse in the world of the Flamenco guitar! – and totally affordable 😉

Ryan Acevedo
Ryan Acavado Arkansas, USA

Needing clear and healthy comparison between Indian Sitar, and Spanish Guitar, this course is exactly what i wanted. The nails tutorials are a true wonder! But the personalized approach from Nicolas is the best thing ever. There are fantastic video links, and extremely helpful information on the Nicolas BLOG page. This site changed my perspective totally, thank you!

Tarandeep Singh New Delhi, India

Although I enjoy playing a completely different style, I’ve stumbled upon this school on YouTube and was quickly entangled in it by it’s great to approach and attractive style. I use Spanish techniques now in my Bluegrass and Country guitar playing and it’s a wonder to everyone!

Alexander Dmitrienko Moscow, Russia

I was already a built up guitarist but I wanted to learn Flamenco, and I wanted to learn it from someone who had an educational background and deep experience in performing as well. i found this website and Nicolas, with high quality videos, Loop Player, and his online support… That was all I needed, thanks Nicolas, you are the best..!

Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online School
Saeed Hunter Iran, Guilan

Nicolas has a unique experience and unique approach as a teacher of flamenco guitar. The lessons are very deep and profound and almost idealistic, and although i am a professional player, Nicolas’s style and unique approach tingle me in a deep sense. Here you will find everything essential for flamenco.

Marko Kovacevic Zagreb, Croatia