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THERE IS NO BLOOD-SUCKING FROM YOUR CREDIT CARD on this website. This website is NOT TAKING YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS. Your credit card numbers are staying between you and two of the most secure payment processors on Earth – 2CheckOut and PayPal.
MembershipAny type of subscription for any membership is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT ONLY purchase.

There is no spinning you around with a few cheap guitar licks that my grandmother can learn to play, “for just 19,95 $ per month”…! And then lying to you that “everything is free for the first 14 days of membership” (not mentioning that they will force you to wait more than two weeks (while you watch a bunch of amateurs just talk about playing, and never actually playing anything) and then let you “unlock” all the lessons – so you can finally see them?!?) And of course the inevitable: “just you give us your CVC card number – “Card Verification Code number”, (so we can quietly suck your money in small amounts so you don’t even notice it…?!?)

So here – there is no ripping you off automatically every month, no charging you more than what you accepted, and no quietly charging you in the background whatever – whenever.
Knowledge is sacred and it should be free, and on this website it is not desecrated by the “American Dream”.
(what unfortunately is not free is: video cloud hosting, web development, dedicated web hosting, programming, coding, audio-video production, e t.c..)

Dear members, please note that the email servers can see automated emails as spam, so the email website sent you – could end up in Spam, Junk or Trash folders. But if you can’t find it, we are here to help, (just tell us on live chat), and we’ll solve it in a second.