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Picado Chromatic Scale

Picado Chromatic Scale

Picado Diatonic Scale

Picado Diatonic Scale

In our Spanish Guitar School we reveal secrets, tips and tricks of mastering the Art of Flamenco guitar through the set of very comprehensive video tutorials about Flamenco Harmony, Techniques and Forms. We’ve added a special feature inside called The Loop Player, which enables you to effectively learn Flamenco Rhythm (Compás) by playing along the high quality Flamenco percussion samples of Cajón, Palmas and a few other percussion instruments.
Also, considering the fact that almost all guitarristas have serious problems with nails, we’ve added a full chapter of video tutorials that will teach you how to properly form and maintain your nails, in order to achieve that rich tone and properly play any finger technique.

This is probably the most comprehensive and methodical learning tool out-there for learning and mastering the Art of Flamenco Guitar, starting from the complete newbie level up to Master Class.

Spanish Guitar School introduces the method that will enable you to play Flamenco in a short period of time. The tutorials are organized in 4 different categories:

  1. Harmony
  2. Techniques
  3. Styles
  4. and Nails.

All the videos are in Full HD resolution with option to choose the language, between English and Spanish audio. As an additional tool, we have added Flamenco percussion samples database, which will help you get the clearest picture about the compas, but you an also play along and practice with highest quality “organic” samples of cajon, palmas, shaker, djembe, congas, bongos, maracas, etc. he library is there for your comprehension of the compas, and that you can practice over the flamenco rhythm, playing along. Every beat of every group of beats is marked so you can easily see what is where, and develop a feeling for the rhythm.

Loop Player Screenshot

Loop Player Screenshot

What the students are saying

mikiAlexander Dmitrienko

Guitar Player

Although I enjoy playing a completely different style, I’ve stubmled upon this school on YouTube and was quickly entangled in it by it’s great approach and attractive style. I use spanish techniques now in my Bluegrass and Country guitar playing and it’s a wonder to everyone! Hope you guys translate everything to Russian!

mikiMilos Maric

Graduated Master in Classical Guitar

I always wanted to learn to play proper Flamenco, during the entire course of my Classical guitar studies. The nails tutorials are a true wonder! Really helpfull information, thank you guys!

1625478_581550608605630_628154817_nNemanja Puhalo

Freelance Guitar Player

This is a great and methodical learning tool! I have learned to play Bulerias in a week, mostly by listening to the percussion growes while relaxing. It’s a great school!

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