Flamenco Guitar Lessons

Flamenco Guitar Lessons reveals secrets, tips and tricks for mastering the Art of Flamenco Guitar, through the set of very comprehensive video tutorials about: Harmony, Techniques, Styles and Nails. Concentrating on the most important, the new and unique method will enable you to play flamenco in a short period of time. All the videos are in Full HD resolution, with option to choose the language between English and Spanish audio. With a special feature, a software called the LOOP PLAYER, you can effectively learn Flamenco Rhythm, or “COMPÁS“, by playing along the highest quality Flamenco Percussion Samples of: Cajón, Palmas, and many other percussion instruments…

The LOOP PLAYER with it’s Flamenco Percussion Samples Database, will help you get the clearest picture about the COMPÁS. By practicing over various “PALOS FLAMENCOS”, you will soon develop an inner feeling for the grooveThe Flamenco Guitar Lessons’s library contains the highest quality of carefully selected “organic” samples of: cajón, palmas, shaker, djembe, congas, bongos, maracas, etc… The samples are high quality audio recordings, processed and mastered, and the player does NOT sound like a drum mashine at all…!

Every beat of every group of beats is marked with yellow vertical line, while every group of beats is marked with a green transparent square. With the red cursor going over the sine wave, having the groups of beats marked is the most important feature of the interface. It enables you to anticipate the upcoming accents, and precisely know and feel the moment for REMATE. Since all the samples are coming from live recordings, the organic nature of the samples library gives us option to playback the loops in background for longer periods of time, without ever getting bored of the repetition. When put in full screen, we can perfectly see and hear all the hits on the weak beats of the bar, especially because the image of the sine wave is so precise. Through time, listening to the Flamenco Guitar Lessons’s samples, you will start to feel the accents, and the COMPÁS will “grow on you” naturally…

Flamenco Guitar Lessons is also exploring a very big and inevitable part of the Spanish guitar world, a Classical Guitar, since it usually embodies the most beautiful flamenco techniques. The Flamenco and the Classical guitar both developed simultaneously on the Iberian peninsula, being called “LA RASQUEADA” y “LA PUNTEADA” through history. The majority of the flamenco guitar techniques turn into means of expression through some classical guitar piece or study. That’s the reason why the Flamenco Guitar Lessons fully considers the classical guitar and it’s heritage. Harmony lessons are also based on the classical music point of view, concentrating first on the understanding of the tonality, and all the consonances on all the scale degrees in major and minor system in equal temperament. This ambiguous approach gives us the widest perspective on the whole world of the Spanish guitar…

Considering the fact that almost all GUITARRISTAS have serious problems with the NAILS, the Flamenco Guitar Lessons contains a full chapter of video tutorials that will teach you how to properly form and maintain your nails, in order to achieve that rich tone and properly play any finger technique. The UV gel nails technique is a world on it’s own, it’s in development in the last two decades, and the tutorials on Flamenco Guitar Lessons website contain essential information from more than 20 years of experience in manicure, but from the guitarists perspective. Flamenco Guitar Lessons is probably the most comprehensive learning tool on the web for mastering the Art of Flamenco Guitar, starting from the complete beginner level, up to Master Class…

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What the students are saying about Flamenco Guitar Lessons

Flamenco Guitar LessonsMilos Maric

Graduated Master in Classical Guitar

I always wanted to learn to play proper Flamenco, during the entire course of my Classical guitar studies. The nails tutorials are a true wonder! Really helpful information, thank you guys!

1625478_581550608605630_628154817_nMarko Kovacevic

Flamenco Player and Composer

Since I know Nicolas personally, contributing in this area of flamenco and classical guitar, is a story of its own. Nicolas has an unique experience and unique approach in this way as a teacher of flamenco guitar. The lessons are very deep and profound and almost idealistic, and although i am a professional player, Nicolas’s style and unique approach tingles me in a deep sense of delivering this great form of music to as passionate players. Here you will find everything essential for flamenco.

mikiAlexander Dmitrienko

Guitar Player

Although I enjoy playing a completely different style, I’ve stumbled upon this school on YouTube and was quickly entangled in it by it’s great approach and attractive style. I use Spanish techniques now in my Bluegrass and Country guitar playing and it’s a wonder to everyone! Hope you guys translate everything to Russian soon!

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