Full Arrangements Flamenco Player™

(click 1.) press: “CC” button, down on the right side (underlined with a red line – means subtitles ON)
(click 2.) press: “a small gear” button, to the right, next to it, and then:
(click 3.) press: “Subtitles CC”, and then:
(click 4.) press: “Auto-translate” – first, and finally:
(click 5.) in the popup menu – select the desired language…

Full Arrangements Flamenco Player™ is a software platform engineered to offer the producer’s insight into the very essence of creation and composition of flamenco music. All the songs are shown in the last phase of audio production, as multi-track channels projects. All the instruments are recorded on their individual channels, so their channel strip has the standard multitrack DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) features. Each channel has a volume slider, and of course the MUTE and SOLO buttons. They behave in a standard mixing surface circuit kinda way – the soloed channels have the priority over all others, either muted or not muted. As soon as you turn off all soloed channels, the muted channels get to have the priority.
Besides that you can create your own arrangement for a certain section of the song, and practice just the guitar part playing along over the selected channels, you will get the clearest picture of what each instrument is playing on each beat in each measure/bar of the song.
The Full Arrangements Flamenco Player is offering the best possible perspective into composition, but also into the audio production. In order to create your own sub-mix of some song’s part, you must seriously consider the acoustic properties of the audio material in question. Understanding and knowing the frequency ranges of each individual instrument, and how their harmonics overlap – is an absolute must. As soon as you start mixing anything and start from one determined channel, just to be able to superimpose one more audio channel over it – and determine just the volume of the next instrument you want to introduce into the mix – you must take into serious consideration the both instrument’s acoustics. The Full Arrangements Flamenco Player™gives an extremely important perspective into mixing music and clarifies the most important things regarding music audio production…
The database for the software will be expanding as the songs on my album are being produced, one by one. They will all be added as multi-track channel projects.