Rick Beato – The Sting Interview

Rick Beato is an amazing musician and also a music producer. First regarding harmony and understanding of the music, and only second as a skilled guitarist. He produces music for his whole life and has an amazing ample space studio, but his orientation ultimately went towards YouTube and education. This is first because of his son Dylan, and his “absolute pitch”. Dylan’s hearing is in the league of his own, there is no other person that I heard with such level of hearing and precision. I have an absolute pitch, but I never had a father who had set down with me and practiced my hearing, up to a point of the precision Rick Beato has done with Dylan. So, fortunately, Dyllan’s dad, Rick, has given us the best ear on earth – Dylan’s superhearing. He can hear and differentiate the whole clusters of notes, all superimposed often in one and the same octave. If it sounds like a story tale, it does so – because it is. It absolutely is as crazy as it sounds, believe it or not.

Rick Beato’s guitar playing skill is nothing special so we have something to catch on, separate, and accent and explain. His legacy is in his understanding and his educational skills. In this interview at 29:59, they mention the most important thing in music, that I am constantly trying to explain to all my students. When you learn to play all the notes evenly, or with the same velocity  – you have achieved the most that can be achieved in music and practicing. Or better put – the only way to play the notes with controlled dynamics is by playing them evenly first.

This is just one of many interviews Rick Beato did with famous musicians. Including Al Di Meola, Pat Metheny, and other well-known and less known guitarists.  Of course that an interview by a pro musician like Rick will be much better than with some regular journalist, who is completely out of the matter, and does not know what questions he should ask the musician in question. Precisely, in the Sting interview, there are a few words mentioned on that subject…




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