Pickguard – Golpe Protection Plate

Pickguard Golpe Protection Plate is one very important thing to have, to protect the front board when playing. Putting a pickguard, or a “golpeador” on it, will protect the wood, but will inevitably kill the resonance. There is one little thing you can do to avoid that, as much as possible. You can make a “golpeador” or pickguard golpe protection plate from two pieces, one for each part of the soundboard. The front board is divided in two, one half plays the basses and the other the trebles. So, dividing the “golpeador” in two would permit the board to flex more easily, and it wouldn’t kill the sound so much. Speaking from 3 decades of experience, the pickguard golpe protection plate on the image of the black guitar – has the best shape possible. And here is a piece of honest advice on how you should make the golpe protection: Pickguard Golpe Protection Plate– You can see how much I have destroyed my guitar’s front board, and I have drawn how the golpeador should have been cut. There are various self-adhesives transparent “golpeadores”, but if you can’t get an adhesive one, it would be best to ask some professional (preferably “guitarrero” – guitar maker) to glue it on for you. You can find various types of pickguard golpe protection plate online for less than 10$, but putting it on the guitar properly – it is far from easy. Trust me, there is a whole world of knowledge about the wood, the wood polish, and different materials, types of glues and chemical reactions between different materials and substances, etc. And since you don’t have the tools, and neither the experience, it’s always better to have someone to lean on. Just take a look at the quality of craftsmanship needed to glue the golpeador on the front board properly:

Pickguard Golpe Protection Plate

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